“The Art of the Successful CFO”

November 19, 2015
7:30 am – 6:00 pm
Boston Marriot Newton
Newton, MA

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About the 2015 MIT CFO Summit

Deep expertise or forward-thinking innovation? The answer, of course, is both. Today’s Chief Financial Officer requires financial expertise learned in the classroom, along with business innovation skills evolved on the fly. Join us at the 2015 MIT Sloan CFO Summit as we investigate the integration of knowledge and creativity, and the Art of the Successful CFO. 

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When Was the Program Introduced?

The MIT Sloan CFO Summit, started in 2002, is the nation’s premier CFO event bringing together financial executives from around the world and leading faculty from MIT. The annual event offers a day of interactive learning and thought-provoking discourse on the future of finance, accounting, and business that is not available anywhere else. It includes presentations, panels, networking and a closing reception.

What Differentiates the MIT Sloan CFO Summit?

Each year, the volunteers who plan the Summit have three goals in mind. One, to attract best-in-class speakers who represent a broad mix of industries, geographies and business stages. Two, to attract a best-in-class audience of CFOs and other financial executives from small and large companies, private and public. Three, to help all participants maximize practical education and peer networking in a convenient, one-day format.

Who Designs the Program?

The MIT Sloan CFO Summit is designed by volunteers from the MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association. Using knowledge from personal experience and the expertise of the academicians at MIT Sloan School of Management, conference organizers have access to vital information and a network of expert business leaders to draw from, which allows them to foster thought-provoking discussions and facilitate peer networking for their fellow executives. The Summit is part of the CXO Series produced by the alumni club, along with MIT Sloan.

Co-Chairs of the program include Jeremy Seidman (MBA ’03) and Jack McCullough (MBA ’97).

Who Attends the MIT Sloan CFO Summit?

The MIT Sloan CFO Summit attracts 500+ CFOs and senior financial executives. In addition to CFOs, participants include CEOs, Presidents, financial executives, audit committee members, and investors. We offer 8 CPE credits for full day attendance.

How Many Speakers Participate in the MIT Sloan CFO Summit?

Last year the program had six keynoters and 30 panelists. These numbers are relatively consistent each year.

What Are Some of the Companies and Industries that the Speakers Represent?

The MIT Sloan CFO Summit brings together a diverse group of financial leaders from a wide range of industries, geographies and business stages. Past years have included executives from Gannett, GE, iRobot, Sysco and other leading organizations. Prior Summits have included CFOs and CEOs from Cisco, Dow, Home Depot, General Motors, Museum of Fine Arts, Oracle, NASDAQ, Raytheon, UPS, ZipCar and many more.


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Last Year's Agenda

  • 7:30am – 8:15am
    Registration and Continental Breakfast
    • 8:15am – 8:45am
      Registration & Opening Remarks
      • Jack McCullough & Jeremy Seidman
        Co-Chairs, MIT CFO Summit
    • 8:45am – 9:15am
      Welcome to the MIT CFO Summit
      • Hal B Gregersen, PhD
        Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center, MIT Sloan School of Management
    • 9:15am – 10:00am
      Morning Keynote
      The Strategic CFO: Harnessing the Disruptive Power of Big Data and Advanced Analytics
      • Jack Klinck
        Executive Vice President, State Street Corporation
      • Tom Barkin
        Global CFO, McKinsey & Company
    • 10:00am – 10:30am
    • 10:30 – 11:30pm
      TRACK I
      How Companies Evolve with M&A
      • Andy West
        Partner, McKinsey (moderator)
      • Julie Bradley
        CFO, TripAdvisor
      • James Disney
        Managing Director, Credit Suisse
      • Craig Safian
        CFO Gartner
      • David Zinsner
        CFO & VP, Analog Devices
      TRACK II
      When Finance Meets Communications
      • Michelle Hanlon
        Professor of Accounting, MIT (moderator)
      • Alison Dean
        CFO, iRobot
      • Mary Jefts
        CFO, Unidesk
      • Dan Matloff
        CFO, TEM Capital
      • Melinda Smith
        CFO, Paydiant
    • 11:30am – 12:15pm
    • 12:15pm – 1:15pm
      Luncheon Keynote Panel
      Future Forward Financial Leader
      • Carol Massar
        Anchor, Bloomberg (moderator)
      • David Herzog
        CFO, AIG
      • Dennis Hickey
        CFO, Colgate-Palmolive
      • Karyn Ovelmen
        CFO, LyondellBasell
      • Brian Tierney
        CFO, American Electric Power
    • 10:30 – 11:30pm
      TRACK I
      People Driving Profit
      • Daniel L. DeNisco
        Senior Vice President, Robert Half Management Resources (moderator)
      • Murray Fish
        CFO, New England Coffee
      • James Harland
        CFO, SilverRail Technologies
      • Steve Lifshatz
        CFO, Fleetmatics
      • Dena Upton
        Director of HR, LogMeIn
      TRACK II
      KPIs and NUMB3RS: The Evolving Art of Measurements and Metrics
      • Brian Kalish
        Association for Financial Professionals (moderator)
      • Chris Beck
        CFO, Caldwell Partners
      • Jackie Barry Hamilton
        CFO, Intronis
      • Michael Kszystyniak
        CFO, National Amusements
      • Dorvin Lively
        CFO, Planet Fitness
    • 10:30 – 11:30pm
      TRACK I
      Growing Smart: Managing Inflection Points
      • Dan Allred
        Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank (moderator)
      • Gary DiCamillo
        CEO, Eaglepoint Advisors
      • Jim Eliason
        CFO, Datawatch
      • John Gavin
        CFO, Acacia Communications
      • Jo Tango
        Partner, Kepha Partners
      TRACK II
      Shh: Dangers and Demands of Digital Data
      • Gerry Leone
        Partner, Nixon Peabody (moderator)
      • Cynthia Izzo
        Partner, KPMG
      • Lang Leonard
        CFO, LevelUp
      • Carmen Ortiz
        US Attorney for MA, Federal Government
      • John Pranckevicious
        CFO, Massport
    • 3:30pm – 4:00pm
    • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
      Afternoon Keynote
      On Mission versus Markets
      • Introduction: Peter Hirst
        Executive Director, MIT Executive Education
      • Nicholas Negroponte
        Co-Founder, MIT Media Lab
    • 5:00pm – 6:15pm
      Networking Session – Sponsored by T3 Advisors


    World-class financial executives and
    leading academics address practical
    challenges and strategic solutions

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    Confirmed 2015 Speakers

    2014 SPEAKERS

    Dan Allred

    Market Manager, Silicon Valley Bank

    Chris Beck

    CFO, Caldwell Partners

    Julie M.B. Bradley

    CFO, TripAdvisor

    Alison Dean

    Executive Vice President and CFO, iRobot

    Daniel L. DeNisco

    SVP, Robert Half Management Resources

    Gary DiCamillo

    CEO, Eaglepoint Advisors

    James Disney

    Managing Director, Credit Suisse

    James Eliason

    CFO and Treasurer, Datawatch

    Murray Fish

    CFO, New England Tea & Coffee

    John Gavin

    CFO, Acacia Communications Inc.

    Hal B Gregersen, PhD

    Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center, MIT Sloan School of Management

    Jacquelyn Barry Hamilton

    CFO, Intronis

    James Harland

    Chief Operating Officer & CFO, SilverRail Technologies

    David Herzog

    EVP & CFO, AIG

    Dennis Hickey

    CFO, Colgate-Palmolive Company

    Robert Israch

    VP Global Marketing Programs, NetSuite

    Cynthia Izzo

    Managing Director, KPMG

    Mary Jefts

    CFO, Unidesk

    Brian T. Kalish

    Director, Finance Practice Lead, Association for Financial Professionals

    Jack Klinck

    EVP, State Street Corporation

    Michael Kszystyniak

    CFO, National Amusements, Inc.

    Gerard T. Leone, Jr.

    Partner, Nixon Peabody

    Steve Lifshatz

    CFO, Fleetmatics

    Dorvin Lively

    CFO, Planet Fitness

    Carol Massar

    Anchor, Bloomberg

    Dan Matloff

    CEO, TEM Capital

    Nicholas Negroponte

    Co-Founder, MIT Media Lab

    Carmen M. Ortiz

    US Attorney, District of Massachusetts

    Karyn Ovelmen

    CFO, LyondellBasell

    John P. Pranckevicius

    Administration and Finance Director & Secretary-Treasurer, Massachusetts Port Authority

    Craig Safian

    SVP & CFO, Gartner

    Melinda Smith

    CFO, Paydiant

    Jo Tango

    Partner, Kepha Partners

    Brian X. Tierney

    EVP & CFO, American Electric Power

    Dena Upton

    Director, People & Talent, LogMeIn

    Andy West

    Director, McKinsey & Company

    David A. Zinsner

    CFO & VP of Finance, Analog Devices, Inc.

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    Interesting articles, CFO blog posts
    and recent news

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    Evolving with M&A: The Art of the Deal

    Mergers and acquisitions are an important strategic tool for companies of all sizes – to grow top-line revenue, add new offerings and/or acquire talent. The 2014 MIT Sloan CFO Summit offered an insiders’ look at what it takes for CFOs to ensure success before, during and after an M&A event. Moderator Andy West, Partner, McKinsey…

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    Growing Smart: Managing Inflection Points

    The 2014 MIT Sloan CFO Summit panel, “Growing Smart: Managing Inflection Points” brought together technology CFOs, a venture capital executive and a turnaround expert to discuss how they manage inflection points. Led by moderator Dan Allred, Silicon Valley Bank, the panel discussed how they make decisions to secure capital and/or add employees and other assets….

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    CFO = Communicator For Organization?

    In today’s world where the media has become all pervasive, it is key for a CFO to be an effective communicator and utilize the available channels to his or her advantage. News is reported on a 24/7 basis and there is an increased focus on the integrity of the financial data of the companies due…

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    Can Innovation Be Bought?

    (Mathias Hoeyer, Sloan MBA ’15) M&A is an important means by which companies respond to changes in their competitive environment. Especially, what has been coined Innovation Through Acquisition has been the leading incentive behind a considerable amount of tech-acquisitions. But is this a genuine motive? Not according to a 2006 study by Myriam Cloodt et….

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    Hello Finance, Communications Calling

    In a perfect world, the numbers always add up. Revenues come in as expected and expenses never exceed budget. In this perfect world, the role of the CFO is merely to report that everything is on track. The CFO in this imaginary land need only be concerned with the numbers and can delegate the communications…

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    Did you hear the one about the 12,000,038 year-old-dinosaur?

    With today’s accelerating technology, success is determined, not just measured, by the fundamental key performance indicators of a company. Yet not all numbers are created equally. Consider the anecdote about the aging guide at a natural history museum proudly identifying the dinosaur skeleton as 12,000,038 years old. “How do you know?” asks a teen-age visitor….

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    6-Pack Abs and the Role of the CFO: Bill Aulet, Martin Trust for MIT Entrepreneurship

    “Don’t call your book Disciplined Entrepreneurship,” said the publisher to Bill Aulet, former CFO and now Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. “No one buys a book with the word Disciplined in the title. Look at the best-sellers, The 4-Hour Workweek, Six Week 6-Pack. This is what people want.” Alas, it turns out that…

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    Marketing, Differentiating and Employee Communications

    Remember the old customer service sign, “If you like our service, tell your friends.” This message is still relevant today and in particular in relation to employee communications. Because every employee represents an opportunity to tell an audience what fabulous products and services you have to offer. The reality is we can’t all be Box, spending…

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    The TAO of TAM: Why Style Equals Substance

    Total Addressable Market (TAM) is not just your company’s potential revenue given 100% of the market. TAM is also the explanation of your product, as defined by the customers to whom it will be sold. Whereas a broader TAM may signal a higher potential opportunity, a more narrowly defined TAM may result in earlier market…

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    Technology as Offense or Defense

    CFOs are obvious consumers of technology, be it systems to oversee Human Resources, software to manage T&E or hardware used by the department and business. Yet the decision to invest in new technology can be tricky. There is the promise of enhanced capabilities, balanced by the difficulty of change and the reality of integrating new…

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    Competitive Intelligence: Don’t Get Sacked

    Competitive intelligence, the practice of combining factual information with qualitative insight, should give the practitioner a more favorable advantage. CFOs in particular have a CI advantage given their role at the intersection of data and aspiration. So how best to use this advantage? Think outside the context. Consider, Bill Belichick had the coolest pre-game competitive…

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    Is Your Hiring Process a Moat or a Bridge?

    It’s generally agreed that hiring the wrong person is an expensive mistake. But what about missing out on a really good employee? Since it is harder to measure the latter, it is no surprise that tales of protracted hiring processes abound. A recent Wall Street Journal article explained the hiring process at Amazon which entails…

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    New Year, New Job? Not for these Top 50 Companies’ Employees

    Although January may be the month your employees start looking for a new job, “This Year I Find a New/Better Job, a look at this survey, 50 Best Places to Work, provides insight from employees into what they think makes for a great employer. The top 50 includes a broad swath of companies, everything from consulting…

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    Using Data for Competitive Advantage

    After a year of planning, combined work of volunteers and leaders in business community is hosting 10th annual MIT Sloan CFO Summit. More specifically, this year MIT is bringing in Paul Carbone, Dunkin’ Brands; Liz Coddington, Walmart.com; Alberto Cavallo, MIT Sloan; Alan Scheuer, Fidelity and Alfred Spector, Google; with moderator John Klinck, State Street to talk about…

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    Bank Lending and the Financial Crisis

    By Lillian Lin Firstly, clearly banks post 2008 have tightened the criteria that they have to lend. This is one of the consequences of the GFC – generally the economy is suffering and hence people are less likely to qualify for loans, and the criteria they need to meet are now much higher also. This…

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    Big Data

    By Yi Huang Almost 700 exabytes of information flows over the Internet every year. Exabytes. Not terabytes (1 exabyte is 1018 bytes). We are equipped with a powerful tool we never had before – Data, or, Big Data. Applications of big data are burgeoning in retail, health-care, insurance and many other sectors. What is needed…

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    The Business of Basketball

    Forbe’s annual NBA team valuation report was produced earlier this year and reported significant valuation increases in light of a lock-out that cut the 2011 season short by 20%[1]. The lockout was an effort made by the NBA to manage player salaries which would drive value and profitability to many of the league’s franchises. While…

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    Financing the Early Stage Company

    Friends, family, angels and more – entrepreneurs have never had such a broad array of funding sources. Private placements, crowd funding, angel funding to asset-based lending. These sources represent new choices for entrepreneurs, and also for investors who now have an equally broad array of funding opportunities. How, what, when, where and why to use these…

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    Culture as Competitive Advantage

    I’ll Meet Your Free M&Ms and Raise You One Kayak. What’s it worth to keep your good employees? How about attracting the employees who will be a good fit in the first place? Many area companies are in a heated talent war. They’re not only paying increasing salaries, but also offering perks like free food…

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    Forecasting in the Disruption Age

    Fast, faster, faster-est. How do you plan for the future when economic change happens so fast that the pixels cannot settle on the screen (never mind ink drying on paper). Even smaller domestic-driven businesses are impacted by political uncertainty, ever-changing technology, natural crises and economic disruption. Come hear about the tools and methodologies of prognostication…

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    Mind the GAAP (Or Maybe Not)

    We’re debating whether GAAP EPS is meaningful for earlier stage companies. Obviously it’s the go-to metric for more mature businesses, but for companies newer to the market maybe it’s new employees, products, patents or other measurements that really matter. We’ve definitely got the go-to panel to help us through this question: Ryan Moore, Atlas Venture;…

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    When to Hold and When to Fold – Best Practices in Strategic Planning

    Here’s one of the panels we are busy working on for the 2013 MIT Sloan CFO Summit. It’s about how the most successful CFOs help to create the business decisions that lead to bottom-line success. These CFOs know how to provide resources to introduce new products or services; how to garner the financial support for…

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    The Survey Says…

    Boston Business Journal by Jay Fitzgerald, Special to the Journal (Friday, January 4, 2013) Despite ongoing concerns about the strength of the economy and political wrangling in Washington, many chief financial officers expect their company payrolls and revenue to grow in 2013. Of roughly 150 top financial officers who attended the recent 2012 MIT Sloan…

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